Singapore Company Registration

Memorandum and Articles for Singapore company launching, like Belize company registration,: to register offshore in Singapore it is necessary that the memorandum and articles are prepared stating the company’s name, paid-in share capital, authorized capital, the currency in which the company will be doing business, the number of members the company has, as well as purpose and objectives.

Shareholders for Singapore business establishement, like Panama company registration,: Singapore companies require at least one shareholder. Shareholders could be natural or legal persons; which provides flexibility for company registration. Shareholders can also be directors and can be local residents or people or corporations from foreign countries. To register offshore companies in Singapore there must not be more than 50 shareholders. It must be noted that to register companies in Singapore the names and addresses of the shareholders will be written on public records. Singapore companies must have a paid-up capital or at least S$1.00.

Directors for Singapore company registration: In addition to having at least one shareholder, at least one director must also be named. To register companies offshore in Singapore one of these directors must be a resident, which includes citizens, individuals with residency status (permanent residents) or individuals with local addresses to whom Entrepasses have been issued. Singapore company registration requires that all directors be above the age of 18, cannot be convicted criminals or bankrupt. Whereas company registrations require no more than 50 shareholders, there is no maximum placed on the number of directors that Singapore companies must have. A director is able to hold shares as well. In addition to the names and addresses of shareholders, directors’ information is available on public records.

Company Secretary upon Singapore Company registration: To register offshore in Singapore a corporate secretary must also be appointed in addition to having directors and shareholders.

Registered Address upon Singapore company registration: To register offshore Singapore companies there must be a registered address in Singapore. In the same way, a professional firm that is authorized to incorporate Singapore offshore companies must be used for company registration.