Seychelles Company Registration

Memorandum upon Seychelles corporation creation, similar to Panama company registration,: Seychelles offshore registration requires that the memorandum of every offshore company must state the company’s name, registered office in Seychelles, name and address of registered agent, currency in which shares are issued and the authorized capital. The memorandum can be amended to reflect changes made the company after registration offshore.

Shares that can be issued upon Seychelles company registration: Offshore registrations make it possible for Seychelles companies to register by issuing one or more classes of shares to include shares that give the right of vote or no, with more or less than one vote per share, numbered, par or no par, common, preferential, redeemable, or allow for participation in only some types of assets. offshore company registration can also be done by issuing securities, warrants or options.

Liability of Seychelles company upon offshore registration: Seychelles companies are limited liability companies which limits all loss to the company and not to the members.

Business name for Seychelles company registration: Offshore registration rules in Seychelles stipulate that offshore companies must be registered under names that are unique and not previously registered by any other Seychelles company. Names of offshore companies incorporated in Seychelles must not include words like ‘Chamber of Commerce’, ‘Trust’, ‘Bank’, ‘Chartered’, ‘Building Society’, ‘Foundation’ or ‘Imperial’.

Restrictions of Seychelles company registration: Seychelles offshore companies are prohibited from offering their services or engaging in any active trading activity in Seychelles. To register offshore in Seychelles a company cannot own any interest in real property located in Seychelles. Seychelles company registration makes an offshore company an International Business Company which makes it possible to only operate as an IBC and not as an offshore bank, insurance or reinsurance company or as registered office for other companies. Seychelles company registration rules are clear on the activities that offshore companies (IBC’s) are not permitted to engage in. Preparing accounts, keeping director or member meetings, leasing property for use as an office, holding shares in another Seychelles company or bonds or treasury bills issued by the Seychelles Government are not considered as engaging as trading activities in Seychelles.