Panama Company Registration

Directors and organizers for Panama enterprise construction, identical to Belize company registration,: To register offshore in Panama there must be at least three directors. It is recommended to appoint nominee directors for Panama company registration because the names and addresses of the directors are recorded in the public registry and as a result can be accessed by the public. Nominees ensure that such information is not readily available in this way and the directors of the Panama offshore companies can enjoy a reasonable degree of privacy. If the director wants to be named as such, his or her name can be submitted to the registry but the other members can be nominees, in which case two nominees will be required. If the director does not intend to be named, three nominees can be appointed to register offshore.

Capitalisation upon Panama organization founding, identical to Panama company registration: To register offshore companies in Panama the share capital is not required to be fully paid-in. The standard capital to register companies in Panama stands at USD10, 000.

Memorandum and Articles in Panama company registration: All company registrations require that Panama companies prepare memorandum and articles in which information relative to the members, share capital and bye-laws of companies are recorded. After company registration offshore companies are able to amend their memorandum and articles and change their share structure, share distribution, membership or number of shareholders.

Powers and Capacities of Panama offshore company: A Panama offshore company is a legal person and is able to exercise the rights and privileges of a natural person. Panama company registration means getting hold of an entity that is able to sign contracts, take loans, own real property, make investments, trade and manage bank accounts internationally.

Liability of Panama corporations: Panama registrations are continuously increasing because as a Sociedad Anónima has the same attributes of the English company with limited liability or Ltd. The assets of Panama offshore companies are separate from the personal assets of the company’s members; thus protecting their assets from loss in the event of any financial failure.