Offshore Companies Registration

offshore companies registration refers to the process of incorporating offshore companies. Offshore companies registrations are done in many countries and different types of offshore companies are reregistered. Offshore companies which are registered with more frequency are International Business Companies (IBC) more commonly known as offshore companies, offshore limited liability companies and offshore or exempt partnerships. Some offshore jurisdictions offer all the above mentioned types of offshore companies registrations whilst other jurisdictions some may offer just one or two. The process of offshore companies’ registration may differ slightly in the jurisdictions and the price of offshore companies registrations may also vary.

offshore company registration of an International Business Company or offshore company in many jurisdictions only requires one shareholder and one director for the offshore companies. The director and the shareholder of the offshore company can be the same person. There are jurisdictions which may ask for more directors and shareholders; in the offshore jurisdiction of Panama for example at least two (2) offshore company directors are needed for offshore company registration. The International Business Company is set up in a way which does not necessitate that the business company makes annual financial reports or statements to the tax authority in the jurisdictions.

Offshore companies registrations of International Business Companies provide security and privacy for offshore companies shareholders and directors as this is not made part of public records. The owners of offshore companies can have offshore companies registrations structured in such a way that nominee shareholders and nominee directors be used protecting the identity of the owners of the offshore companies.

Offshore companies registration of offshore limited liability companies requires one or more members for incorporation. The offshore limited liability company registration provides a company which is a cross between a partnership and a corporation. The offshore limited company is made up of members who each make a contribution towards the offshore company therefore each member of the offshore company is responsible for the company’s debt based on his or her contribution. One member of an offshore limited liability company cannot be made responsible for the debt of another member. Offshore companies registration for limited liability companies can be done in St Kitts and Nevis and many other offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore companies registrations of exempt partnership are another type of offshore business entity which is incorporated. The offshore partnership or exempt partnership can be formed by general and limited partners. Most offshore jurisdictions require one (1) or more partners for the formation of an offshore limited partnership company. The general partners in an offshore limited partnership company has unlimited liability whilst the limited partners has limited liability. When doing offshore companies registrations for offshore limited partnership companies the partners normally enter into an agreement known as the partnership agreement. This document is signed by all the partners of the offshore limited partnership company. The details which are included in this document include the contribution of each partner, the type of business to be carried out, the date by which the partnership will be dissolved and how disputes are to be resolved if any derives among other important information.

Offshore companies registrations are done with the Registrar of Companies or a similar authority whose name might be different in the various offshore jurisdictions. For offshore company registration an incorporation fee must be paid before a Certificate of Incorporation or Formation can be handed to the company shareholders, members or partners. Once the Certificate of Incorporated has been handed out it means that the offshore company is now a legal business body which can conduct its business anywhere in the world. Offshore companies registration does not require the presence of the offshore business owner on most offshore jurisdiction during the process of incorporation.