Nevis Company Registration

General Powers Granted to Nevis Companies upon organization founding, comparable to Panama company registration,: Nevis companies enjoy the rights, powers and privileges of natural persons. This means that upon company registration and incorporation Nevis companies are able to conduct activities like opening and managing bank accounts, entering contracts, taking legal actions against other corporations or individuals, own another company or partnership, obtain and grant loans, own, sell, purchase or inherit property. Nevis company registration means obtaining an entity that is capable of carrying out a number of transactions and trading activities.

Registered Agent for Nevis company Registration: Nevis company registration must be done through a registered agent. It is not possible to register offshore companies in Nevis without a registered agent. In Nevis company registration registered agents must be reside in either St. Kitts or Nevis and the entire company incorporation process must be conducted through the agent. Offshore registrations in Nevis have steadily increased over the years because Nevis is a stable and reliable offshore jurisdiction for company registration. The registered agents must be a barrister or solicitor that practices in St. Kitts and Nevis or a corporation with a paid-in capital of no less than $500,000.

The Articles of Incorporation for Nevis Company Registration: To register companies in Nevis the Articles of Incorporation must be prepared. In Nevis company registration the articles of incorporation are the equivalent to the memorandum and articles of association found in other jurisdictions. For company registrations the articles for Nevis companies must state the purposes and objectives of the company, the registered address in Nevis (which is of the registered agent), the authorized share capital, the classes and types of shares issued, whether or not shares have par value and the rights accorded to holders according to shares held, whether the shares are issued to the bearer or a registered, names and addresses of incorporators and first directors. To register offshore in Nevis the articles of incorporation must contain these components.