Hong Kong Company Registration

Prerequisites for Hong Kong company registration: In order to register offshore companies in Hong Kong the documents that need to be submitted include a completed application form, the memorandum and articles of association, an identity card (if resident), proof of address, valid passport t copy, bank reference letter (if shareholders and directors do not live in Hong Kong, and incorporation documents of legal entity where directors and or shareholders are not natural persons.

Director requirements for Hong Kong firm production, like Panama company registration,: To register offshore companies in Hong Kong there must be at least a directors since companies cannot be registered without one. There is not maximum number of directors that a Hong Kong company can have upon company registration, and both corporations and natural persons can be directors. If a directors wishes to remain anonymous he or she can appoint a nominee director. To register offshore in Hong Kong, directors can be of any nationality.

Shareholder requirements for Hong Kong company registration: Hong Kong offshore companies must not have more than fifty shareholders and at least one person must hold shares. Shareholders can include both business entities and natural persons. If shareholders do not wish for his or her name to appear as a shareholder, a nominee can be used to provide privacy. Both foreign and local residents are able to register offshore companies in Hong Kong and to hold shares; and shares can be fully and solely owned by foreign nationals or citizens who are not residents of Hong Kong. A director can also hold shares at the moment of and after Hong Kong company registration.

Trade names for Hong Kong company registration: Business names must first be approved before company registration can take place.

Share capital upon Hong Kong company registration: Shares must be issued in order to register companies offshore in Hong Kong. All shares must be registered as bearer shares cannot be issued.

Registered address as requirement for Hong Kong company registration: A registered address must be allocated in order to register Hong Kong offshore companies. Registered addresses cannot be P.O. Box addresses.