Dubai Company Registration

Procedure for Dubai organization founding, similar to Panama company registration,: To register offshore companies in Dubai an application form must be submitted to the Registrar and signed by the incorporators. The application form for company registration is required to include the intended name for the offshore company, the type of business in which the company will be engaging, the share capital at the time of offshore company registration, the authorized share capital and the registered office’s address.

If intending to register a company that is limited by shares the application form must indicate the number of shares into which the capital is intended to be divided; and if the company is a limited liability company (LLC), the membership interests that the share contributions are intended to be divided into must be indicated along with the value of each member share contribution or interest. An application for Dubai company registration must also give the complete names, addresses and the nationality of every one forming the company, as well as those acting as the first managers or directors of the offshore company. Any other information that may be requested by the Registrar must also be furnished in order to properly register offshore in Dubai.

Articles of Association in Dubai company registration: To register offshore companies in Dubai the articles of association are absolutely necessary and therefore must be prepared. Serving as both the memorandum and articles as in other jurisdictions, to register offshore in Dubai, the articles must be written in English and organised as prescribed by the Companies Law (consecutively numbered paragraphs). Dubai company registration requires that the articles of association make statements regarding shareholders and membership to ensure the proper administration of offshore companies. The registrar must be informed about any changes that are made to the articles after company registration. Notification of the change must be sent along with a letter from the offshore company’s overseas legal adviser expressing that the intended changes to the articles are in keeping with provisions of the Companies Law on amendments.