Dominica Company Registration

offshore company registration in Dominica is one of the most straightforward company incorporation processes. The following includes just a few of the aspects involved in Dominica company registration.

Two main corporate documents issued for Dominica offshore company registration: These include the Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association which are both endorsed by the registrar who affixes his signature and seal to the documents as evidence that company registration has legally taken palace of the said Dominica company. These documents will not be issued for company registration if the registrar is dissatisfied that the prerequisites have been met. The registered agent of the Dominica offshore company facilitates the process for preparing the memorandum and articles in order register companies.

Liability of Members upon Company Registration: Upon Dominica company registration, the members all have limited liability because upon company incorporation offshore companies are always formed as companies with limited liability. To register offshore companies in Dominica therefore is a wise decision since all companies must have limited liability so as to help protect the personal assets of the owners of offshore companies in Dominica.

Trade Name for Dominica Company Registration: **** Dominica companies are required to operate with a name that truly states the type of business that the company is involved in. To register offshore in Dominica a trade name must be given and approved by the registrar.

It is always wise to provide the registrar with at least two names so that if one cannot be used then the other can be immediately chosen and the company registration process can be expedited. To register offshore companies in Dominica trade names cannot include words like Chamber of Commerce, Government, Municipal, Royal or Bank and must not be offensive in any way.

Restrictions: Upon Dominica company registration companies are informed of their powers, capacities and limitations. One of the unique aspects of offshore registration is that offshore companies are not allowed to trade in the jurisdictions that they are registered in. Dominica company registration requires offshore companies not to trade in Dominica, own beneficiary interest in any real property located locally and to not engaged in any illegal activities after company registration.