Cayman Company Registration

The Cayman Islands are one of the world’s most advanced offshore jurisdictions. A few pointers on Cayman company registration follow.

Memorandum of Association for Cayman enterprise construction, identical to Panama company registration,: Memorandums of association are required to set out the company’s name and location of the registered office. To register offshore in the Caymans all subscribers are required to take at least one share and indicate the number of share that they take opposite their names on the memorandum. Memorandums are important at company registration since they can be used to specify and establish the business activities for which the offshore company is formed, its objectives and restrictions relative to the types of business activities that the offshore company can conduct. Capitalization and a declaration of member liability must also be stated in the memorandum.

Articles of Association for Cayman Company Registration: All Cayman companies that are unlimited or limited by guarantee are required to adopt articles of association along with the memorandum. Offshore companies that are limited by shares may or may not adopt articles. To register companies that are unlimited the articles must specifically give the number of members with whom the offshore company is intended to be registered, whether or not there is a share capital and its amount. To register company limited by guarantee the articles must indicate the number of members that the company intends to have. Every subscriber must sign the articles if they accompany the memorandum, but if only the memorandum is submitted the members of the company may opt to eventually adopt articles that shall be signed by each member.

Member Liability: When deciding to register offshore in the Caymans, member liability can be organised to be limited by guarantee or limited by share. Cayman offshore companies with limited guarantee can decide to have a share capital or not.

Registered Office: Cayman company registration requires that offshore companies all have a registered office. If the directors of a company pass a resolution to change the location of the registered office, the resolution must be submitted to the Registrar so that the jurisdiction is informed about the change.