BVI Company Registration

BVI company registration involves the formation of offshore companies limited by shares, offshore companies that are limited by guarantee but not authorized to issue shares, offshore companies that are limited by guarantee but are authorized to issue shares, and unlimited companies that are either authorized or not to issue shares.
For offshore registration the registrar requires: The memorandum and articles of association both signed by the registered agent, a letter from the registered agent showing his consent to be the company’s registered agent, a letter of the director consent to be director of the offshore company, and any other document that might be asked for.
Requirements of the Memorandum for BVI enterprise construction, like Panama company registration,: To register offshore companies elements of the memorandum and articles include details of companies with regard to their liability whether they are limited by guarantee and authorized or not to issue shares, unlimited and authorized or not to issue shares or are offshore companies limited by shares. To register the memorandum must also state the name and address of the first registered agent and register office, the types and classes of shares that the offshore company is allowed to issue, the authorized share capital, and whether or not chares can be transferred, converted or exchanged.
BVI Company Registration: Upon being satisfied that all the criteria have been satisfied to register offshore in the BVI, the registrar will issue a certificate of incorporation in name of the offshore company, have the name of the company written in the register of companies (register the offshore company) and assign a registration number to the offshore company. Once these actions have been performed by the registrar, BVI company registration can be said to have been a success.
Powers and Capacity: Upon BVI company registration an offshore company becomes a legal person having the rights and powers of a natural person. Offshore registration thus means forming offshore companies capable of entering contracts, taking legal action, giving and taking loans and other obligations and owing real property.