Belize Company Registration

Belize has strengthened its popularity as an offshore jurisdiction because of its strong offshore laws and high quality of service in Belize company registration and other offshore services. The following includes some brief details on a few aspects of how to register offshore and some of the issues involved in Belize company registration.

Firm production, like Belize company registration, Names: The trade name of a Belize company must be approved for use. In order to register a Belize company, the name of that offshore company must end with any word or abbreviation that means ‘limited liability’. These include words like Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Sociedad Anónima, S.A., Inc, or A.G. Any name that is not written in the English language must be translated into English. Belize company registration names that include words like ‘Chartered’, Cooperative’, Municipal, Imperial or Her Majesty or Government will not receive Belize company registration.

Restrictions: Restrictions imposed upon Belize company registration relate to the company ownership of real property in Belize, providing its services to local residents, operating as an offshore bank, offshore insurance company or broker, serving as the registered office for other companies and engaging in collective investment schemes if not holding a license to do so.

Memorandum: Under the IBC Act, the memorandum and articles must be prepared since they are the main documents used for governing the company in addition to the Act itself. Information that must be contained in the memorandum upon Belize company registration includes the company’s name, the address and other details of the registered agent and registered office, the types and classes of shares issued, the powers, rights and privileges given to officers and directors and whether or not the exchange of registered shares for bearer and (vice versa) is permitted. To have the memorandum on the offshore register for offshore companies it must be subscribed to by at least by person in the present of a witness. Both parties must sign their names to the document. The Articles if Association must also be prepared along with the memorandum.

Share registers: In addition to the memorandum and articles of association for Belize company registration the share registers must be kept to show the dates on which shareholders became and ceased to be shareholders, the date each shareholder obtained shares, the names and addresses, and the type and classes of shares.