Anguilla Company Registration

Offshore company incorporation in Anguilla is a clear cut process and the process is easy to understand. The following are some of the requirements and procedures involved.

Essential documents for Anguilla offshore company incorporation: The Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association are two basic documents that are required for Anguilla company registration. Both documents are endorsed by the Registrar upon being satisfied that all the requirements for the registration of an offshore company have been satisfied. The Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the registrar whereas the Memorandum and Articles are prepared by the registered agent and then endorsed with seal and signature by the registrar.

Liability upon Anguilla Company Registration: Upon Anguilla company registration, an offshore company is created to operate as a company with limited liability. Anguilla companies are legally unable to operate with unlimited liability. In this way, only the company can be responsible for debts, defaults and other obligations. ****

Anguilla Company Registration Name: **** Anguilla company registration cannot occur if the chosen name for a company is not approved by the Registrar. It is always recommended that more than one name be submitted so that another option can be used if the name chosen as first choice is unavailable for use if it already taken by another company registered in Anguilla. However, if a company name has been struck off the register as a result of dissolution or otherwise the name of that company becomes available for used by a new Anguilla company. offshore companies registration is very strict with regard to the use and type of trade names that can be used. ****

Restrictions: Under Anguilla company registration rules, restrictions that are imposed on Anguilla companies are as follows: any offshore company registered is Anguilla is restricted from doing business with Anguilla local residents; any company, having gone through the process of Anguilla offshore company registration is restricted from owning any legal or beneficial interest in real property in Anguilla. Also, Anguilla offshore companies must not operate as providers for insurance, reinsurance, company management, brokerage, trust and offshore banking services. Specific details as to what constitutes offshore banking, trustee services, company management firm are given in the laws relative to these activities, such as the Offshore Banking Act 2000 and the Company Management Act, 2000.****